Mobile Security Trailers

Why Should Accutek Be Your First Choice?

Mobile security trailers are the best and the most cost-effective solution for short or long-term security. Sometimes when you think installing a security surveillance system is a daunting task, we at Accutek provide surveillance that can be deployed easily. Furthermore, our system contains built-in-video analytics functionality, and sophisticated technologies and provides enhanced security with immediate live call down and intervention.

ACCUTEK mobile security trailers are lightweight, need minimal maintenance, and are engineered to withstand different job site conditions. The cameras are compact, easy to transport, and can be used for multiple applications including, border security, construction job site, sporting, and public events safety, DUI checkpoints surveillance, traffic monitoring, and other areas.

Each ACCUTEK mobile security trailer records 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with one month’s capacity. We also provide cost-effective data packages with products specifically designed for the secure transmission of video over multiple networks.



We go the extra mile and select premium components to provide long-term value to our customers. We use quality control procedures to ensure that products work the way you expected.


We have a team of experts who specialize in electronic and mechanical engineering and provide you with experience coupled with a complete understanding of electronics to deliver the optimal mobile surveillance solution for you.

Flexible and Future-Proof Designs

We at ACCUTEK, design only flexible and future-proof designs to meet industry standards. Our products work on a smart platform and can be easily updated to keep you in progress with changing technologies.

Effortless Improvement

We are dedicated to embracing innovation and improvement in the product sector. We strive to release product solutions and updates on old designs. Furthermore, our aim is to provide the best solutions to hardware and software that would make the customer experience better. We are confident enough to prove that our dependability and system efficiency are far better than existing systems in the industry.

Solar-Powered Units

Our solar-powered units use 1200 and 900-watt solar panels and optional self-starting generators. These units can be deployed at any location and come integrated with blue lights, and free internal storage.


Our mobile products come equipped with unlimited features and deliver the exact services expected by the users. For instance, mobile products are fully automated and include system status and other operations. With ACCUTEK security trailers you can be notified of any theft happening around and it can be prevented at the moment.

Benefits of Using a Mobile Surveillance Trailer

Sometimes, installing a mobile surveillance trailer seems difficult. But when there are tons of mobile security trailer options available in the market, selecting the best one is a difficult job. Let’s find the benefits of installing a mobile security trailer.

  1. Reliable Surveillance – Mobile security trailers have a 360-degree view of the area. When any suspicious thing happens, it gets immediately caught by the police.
  2. Cost-Effective – A mobile security trailer is proven cost-effective for several reasons. First, the installation cost of these trailers is not a big deal. Unlike old fixed-mount surveillance systems, these new trailers don’t need multiple hardware and cabling. It is easy to move and relocate to another site.
  3. Wireless streaming – Mobile video surveillance allows you to check the videos in real-time at your convenience. Knowing that you have someone who is trained as a security specialist doesn’t bother you about video stealing and also lets you enjoy your spare time.
  4. Hiring a security guard is effective, but he can’t be everywhere at the same time. Therefore, installing an ACCUTEK mobile security trailer is like having a guard for the individual camera. So, whether you are planning to install a security trailer for an event, construction site, or anywhere, we have got you covered.
mobile security cameras

Most Common Security Issues Faced


Now and then, you can hear the news of theft or steal in the neighbourhood or at events. With our mobile security surveillance, you can detect criminals at the earliest. Tracks. They have battery back-ups and use solar energy, so you don’t have to bother about electricity or plug-in. Furthermore, they even work in off-grid situations and are perfect for remote and urban areas.


When someone enters your premises with the wrong intentions of stealing data or with an intent to damage the property, then mobile security trailers can do wonders for you.  With ACCUTEK products, we guarantee to keep a watch on trespasses and detect them at the moment. If you don’t want a security guard to keep track of trespassers, install mobile surveillance and it would do the job for you.

Planning to install a mobile security trailer anytime soon? Choose ACCUTEK. We assure you of providing a cost-effective and scalable solution to keep your areas safe from theft by significantly offering the best security trailer.

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